1. One of my heroes #vernonfisher

  2. Detail from a painting I made back in 2005. Go see it @talleydunngallery in Dallas TX!!!

  3. I have a friend who is a #graffitiwizard! His name is @winstonthewhale. So proud of you holmes. You killed it!!! #ffttnw (at The Tao of Tea)

  4. @_faith47 left us with this beauty. Thanks girl! #ffttnw

  5. Great stuff @nosego!!! Good ta meetcha. Thanks for the kitty phone case! #ffttnw (at City Liquidators)

  6. Go peep my #ffttnw wall on SE 23 between Belmont and Morrison!!! BIG UP to @gage_gage_gage, @helliongallery and all the artists and volunteers who made this event rad!!! (at Pad Thai Kitchen)

  7. Detail from my #ffttnw mural. (at Pad Thai Kitchen)

  8. @thewrightclay has a constant guardian for her #ffttnw mural. Although, I caught him sleeping on the job!

  9. Almost there!!! #ffttnw #thievesandcharlatans (at Pad Thai Kitchen)

  10. Hope nobody pulls that tape off tonight!!! #ffttnw